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Projects Archive

PartnershipIPA Cross-Border Programme

On June 30th, 2011 start the implementation of the Project named “Regional Bulgarian – Turkish Business Council “Trakya” – Measure for Increasing the economic competitiveness of the cross-border region Haskovo - Edirne”, ref. № 2007CB16IPO008-2009-1-034 co-funded under Bulgaria – Turkey IPA Cross Border Programme.

- Summary of the project

- First initial working meeting in the town of Haskovo

- Second Working Meeting in Edirne, 27-29.10.2011

- Seminar in the town of Kesan, Republic of Turkey, 26 - 28.01.2012

- Working meeting for exchange of experience in Haskovo, Bulgaria during 09th – 10th March, 2012

- Council of the Presidents of Chambers of Commerce and Industry from cross border region in Haskovo, 05 – 06 April, 2012

- Conference for support of the regional economy of the cross border region Haskovo – Edirne, 26 - 27.04.2012

- Exhibition of Companies from Edirne Region, Republic of Turkey, 16-18.05.2012

- Press Conference for announcing the outcomes of the project took place, 27 June 2012

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Programme is co-funded by the

IPA Cross-Border Programme

On July 1st, 2011 was signed the contract by Project “Improving Trade Capacity of Uzunköprü and Haskovo Project”, funded under Bulgaria – Turkey IPA Cross Border Programme.

The duration of the Project is 9 months and aims to contribute to the acceleration and increase of the mutual trade activities in the border region within the framework of the Cross Border Economic Cooperation. Lead partner is Uzunkopru Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, Turkey and Haskovo Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, Bulgaria is a Project partner.
Business development is a factor not only of great social importance, but also an important prerequisite for economic development in peripheral border regions. In this respect, the activities are a systematic approach to encourage cross-border business cooperation between Bulgarian and Turkish companies, thereby stimulating business development and prosperity of the border regions.

Project objectives:

  1. To insure the producers, businessmen, and SMEs in Uzunkopru and Haskovo to establish sustainable co-operations;
  2. To insure Turkish businessmen benefit from the experiences and knowledge base of the EU membership of Bulgaria;
  3. To increase the capacity for project development and implementing of other local authorities and relevant agencies to the cross border cooperation .

Due to a low level of business contacts and partnership between bulgarian and turkish compannies project activities are aimed to the economical development in cross border region. Priorities in the Project implementation will be:

  1. Creation of website that contains the information for trade policy of EU, customs transactions and tax laws, legal obligations and commercial agreements between Bulgaria and Turkey, guidelines for import and export, database for SME in the region and company profiles;
  2. Conducting of two seminars in Uzunkopru and Haskovo that will give possibility to the companies and business organizations from both regionscto present their products and to estabilish business comunications;
  3. Preparation of catalogue and Trade Guide of SME in Haskovo Municipality and Uzunkopru Municipality;
  4. the press conference will be organized in Uzunköprü with the involvement of the local newspapers and TV channels. At this Conference, the Cross Border Development Program will be handled and the activities within the scope of the Project will be detailed.


Joint project of both chambers of commerce and industry have a potencial  to estabilish favourable business enviroment and to stimulate cross border cooperation among companies and business organizations from Haskovo Municipality (Bulgaria) and Uzunköprü Municipality (Turkey).


For contact:

Svetla Vasileva
   /Project coordinator/

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Programme is co-funded by the

   • Project ”Interregional cooperation on the cultural and alternative forms of tourism trough transfer and information, knowledge, know-how and best practice exchange” in partnership with the Mineral baths and the Tourism Agency of Pisa, Italy.
Project for Interregional cooperation on the cultural and alternative forms of tourism trough transfer and information, knowledge, know-how and best practice exchange.
Registration number BG161PO001/4.2-01/2008/025.
Тhe project is under the Operational Program for Regional Development 2007-2013,
Priority axe 4: Domestic development and cooperation,
Operation 4.2. Interregional cooperation.
Budget line BG161PO001/ 4.2-01/2008: “Support for the interregional cooperation and best practise exchange”.
Grand of the project: 193 734 BGN.
Duration: 10.04.2009 – 09.10.2010.


   On the 23th of June the HCCI presented the implementation of the project for Interregional cooperation on the cultural and alternative forms of tourism trough transfer and information, knowledge, know-how and best practice exchange. The registration number of the project is BG161PO001/4.2-01/2008/025 and it is under the schema for “Support for the interregional cooperation and best practise exchange”. The project is carried out from the HCCI in partnership with the Municipality of the Mineral Baths, Haskovo region and the Tourism Agency in Pisa Province, Italy. It started on the 10th of April, 2009.


The main goal of the project is to establish preconditions for the implementing of an effective dialogue and best practise exchange regarding the development of the alternative forms of tourism and implementing of an effective marketing for the objects of the cultural tourism in the Municipality of Mineral baths, Haskovo.
The project will be implemented in cooperation between the applicant – the HCCI, the Municipality of the Mineral baths and the regional authority of the Pisa province, Italy – the Tourism Agency in Pisa.
The duration for the implementation of the project is 12 (twelve) months.
The main project activities on the project are:
- Establishment of a partnership network between the local authorities in the Haskovo region with a host the Municipality of the Mineral baths and the Province of Pisa, Italy;
- Implementation of experience and best practises exchange trough the foreseen visits in the partnering states from the applicant and the partners and creation of know-how on the project;
- Seminar “Public-private partnership – a precondition for the development of the tourism objects and promoting of the cultural and historical wealth of the country”;
- Training seminar on the theme “Marketing of the tourism products;
- Researching the tourism potential of the Mineral Baths Municipality and the Haskovo Region;
- Training aid: “Marketing of the tourism products”;
- Guide-book for the tourist objects in the Mineral Baths municipality;
- Map of the landmarks in the Haskovo region;
- Multimedia /CD/.




Recent projects

13 February 2014 Haskovo business meets with the Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski and ministers

30 October 2013 Delegation of fifteen members from Edirne Chamber of Commerce visited the office of HCCI

12 September 2013 A business delegation was held to the northern Kurdish autonomy in Iraq

29 August 2013 Working meeting between partners in Haskovo

12-13 July 2013 Work meeting in Uzunkopru between partners

28 March 2013 Regional Bulgarian-Turkish business forum in Haskovo

13 March 2013 First Work Meeting as described in Activity 2of Project: Joint Eco Forces of Small and Medium Enterprises of Cross-Border Region

06 March 2013 Information Meeting on topic „Brands and standards - a guarantee for successful business”

15 February 2013 International Conference on topic "Standardization of quality: To better market experience" took place in Haskovo


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