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This Privacy Policy applies to your personal data as well as to the data that Association "Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry» collects in order to provide you with services under the scope of activities of the Chamber.

We implement policies to protect personal data as well as data collected from you via paper forms filled out by you or by our representative, via e-mail correspondence, contract or other legal methods to collect personal data as well as to the data collected over the Internet through our website

Through this declaration, we inform you about our practices that apply to the protection of your data, about your rights that you have in regards to the collected personal data about you via our website and / or collected by us through other above-mentioned methods.

If you have questions, you can contact us via the given contact information or request information from our staff.


General information

Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI) is a non-profit association, which was registered in 1991. The main objectives of the association are:

- To assist its members in optimizing the conditions for business in the country and abroad;

- To represent and defend the unified interests of its members to local governments and through the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry / BCCI / - to the central authority of state power and governance;

- To represent its members at local, foreign and international organizations with which the Court directly or through BCCI maintains partner relationships;

- To assist its members to increase their opportunities for participation in international markets.

The collection and processing by our organization of your personal data is subject to a number of laws and legal rules that provide information on carrying out these actions, the purposes and the guarantees on the protection of personal data to be applied.

1. What personal information we collect from you

In the majority of cases, we collect data from you, which is explicitly mentioned in the law or which is necessary for the conclusion of a specific agreement with you.

We will let you know in a clear and transparent manner in the event that we need to collect your personal data, which is not explicitly mentioned in the law as mandatory, but our HCCI find necessary and/or has a legitimate interest in their collection or need to protect your vital interests.

How and what personal information we collect?

Data related to membership at the HCCI and/or provision of services by HCCI.
HCCI collects these data mainly on the grounds of statements and other documents (paper or electronic form, incl. the site of the Chamber) that you provide to us and/or sign - in registration process in HCCI and/or services requested by you. Due to need for communication between our organizations, part of the data that we collect through email or phone call. Another part of your personal data is collected from public sources (mostly public records), as we respect the terms of use of the information sources. The personal data that we collect are minimum and only those necessary for HCCI to achieve the intended purpose (eg. name, address) and when a regulatory or administrative action require it – we also collect personal number / ID card information / passport information.

HCCI collects personal data through video events involving members and partners of BCCI. Some of these events are publicly available, incl. their records, given their public interest and value have newsworthiness and benefit the business community in the country. As active participants in these events, you might be included in these records. In most cases, the records can be indisputably identified only by a limited circle of persons. For other participants that have  information, but they are recognized by a narrow circle of people. In general, individuals associated with businesses that are or topic that interests them. If for some reason you do not want or think these recordings violated the privacy of your personal data, you should tell our representatives at the entrance to the event and occupation of a seat

3. Cookies and other passive technologies

The organization (does not use) uses "cookies" and other tracking technologies that collect information from you when you interact with our site.

(If you use such, you should list them here as this can be done by using the person responsible for the maintenance of your site)

4. Data collected from other sources

It is possible to collect information about you from other legitimate sources to provide you with quality our services. Such sources include information from our partners (in case you have agreed), publicly available information.

This information includes:

- Your contact information;

- Publicly available information with data on persons representing your organization.

We collect other publicly available information only after we have the explicit declaration of the person who shared it with us that you agree to share it with us.

When we contact you, we will tell you where we got your personal data if we have not collected it personally from you.

5. Why do we collect data and how we use it

We collect your personal data, so we can provide our services and products to you, and in regards to the use of our Organization’s services, provided by your organization or you personally.

The reason for the collection of personal data is closely linked to achieving the goals and objectives of the Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry - by statute and in implementation of regulations.

Mostly, we collect personal data from you to allow us to identify you in case we need to contact you.

This declaration is for you - all current and future members and in various forms - partners of Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
With whom we share your personal data?
Your personal data HCCI shares:
- with state and municipal authorities and institutions - in the performance of duties of Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry commissioned by a statutory or administrative action - provided that there is a basis of the relevant body / institution to ask HCCI for your personal data;
- public - by sharing our events on YouTube
- public - via the register of members of the BCCI and HCCI published on the website of BCCI, which aims to provide contact with your company to others who would be interested in a partnership incl. to obtain a service from your company.
- with reliable partners of HCCI, which the Chambers relies on the maintenance of our information processing systems, all partners are required to comply with the requirements and conditions of HCCI processing of personal data; your personal data is stored on carriers - in any case under our direct supervision.
- with public authorities and institutions and private individuals (domestic and abroad) - in service provided by HCCI upon your request/proxy. 

6. Your consent and our legitimate interest

Except in the cases where we collect personal data on the basis of law, contract or legitimate interests to protect your vital interests, we will ask for your consent.

We will use your personal information only after your explicit consent for a particular purpose.

It is your right, if later you change your mind, to withdraw your consent.

In cases we need to collect personal information from you because of our legitimate interests or to keep your vital interests, we will inform you in due time and will explain your rights.

You have the right to object to that collection of your personal information if you believe that we do not have a legitimate interest to collect them. We will undertake additional measures by providing to you additional information and our motives within a period of no more than a month  of your request.

7. Disclosure of your data to third parties

The organization reveal your personal data:

- only to government authorities, institutions and persons who are obliged to provide personal data by law;

- to people, who upon request, maintain equipment, software and hardware used to process personal data necessary to build the network of the organization, including network cameras; persons performing services in various fields.

The organization takes measures and undertake all such persons to apply the same protection to your personal data as well as our own employees and to comply with policy organization for the protection of personal data.

8. Precautions

HCCI collects, processes and stores personal data in compliance with all legal requirements and implementing adequate technical and organizational security measures.

How do we protect your personal data?
HCCI stores your data on our server by applying the appropriate technical and administrative measures and controls to protect data integrity and confidentiality.

In order to provide maximum-security processing, transmission and storage of personal data, we use when necessary further precautions such as encryption, pseudonymisation and others.

9. Period (period) for which we store your personal data.

Your personal data is stored by HCCI for the period specified by law, depending on the purpose for which they were collected.

In case of absence of such legal deadline, HCCI stores your data for a reasonable period set on the grounds of additional criteria. The criteria for determining the period are consistent with our desire to provide you with high quality services, as well as normal development of our partner relationships.

Our goal is the storage of your personal data to require minimal action on your part in re-registration or re-submission of data.

When the personal data that we collect are no longer required for the specified purposes we delete them or destroy them in another appropriate manner.

HCCI stores data for periods specified in one of the below mentioned ways:
- by a legal / administrative act;
- by statute / internal rules of HCCI;
- by the declared, or normally required to/for RCsCI and BCCI and deadlines for receipt of requests for services;
-  normal time needed for storage and distribution of CsCI and BCCI expected by it information - for you and other economic actors, which is beneficial for your business activities; HCCI securely stores this data because such information can be provided only by us; information is stored in the archives of the BCCI, and to access to it is strictly only to certain persons.
- outside the above mentioned cases, administered by HCCI personal data that are related to communication in daily / ongoing issues with you shall be kept for a period no longer than 5 years.

10. Your right to access and obtain information

You have the right to request access to your personal data at any time.

You have the right to know what personal data we process about you and how we use them, how we store them.

To exercise your right to access, send us a request for access.

In the rare cases when we can not provide access to your personal data within one month, we will state the reasons.

Based on the importance of the information stored by HCCI, we apply strict organization to access the data. This is done in order to prevent unauthorized access, errors or misuse of your personal data.
As a responsible organization, BCCI and HCCI observe all guaranteed by European and national law rights of individuals related to the protection of their personal data. BCCI and HCCI comply with any regulatory requirement, taking into account the specific circumstances forms of data collection, legal basis and the purpose of their collection.

11. Your right to correction

You may also want HCCI to correct any inaccuracies in your personal data.

HCCI’s services are focused on business development and therefore do not use techniques for profiling your view of your personal characteristics.
Besides that it is your right to ask for "correction" to your personal data, when necessary we rely on you to exercise this right and to help us have accurate and current information about you.

The request to access or update your personal data can be sent to postal code 6300 Haskovo, 4 Tsar Osvoboditel str. or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (physical address and / or email address)

12. Your other rights

Besides the aforementioned rights, you are entitled to ask:

- your personal data to be deleted;

- to ask for limiting the processing of your personal data for a specified period of time;

- to object to the processing;

- data portability.

The listed rights depend on the specific reason on the grounds of which we process your personal data.

In some cases, we are required by law to store your personal data. In these cases, it is not possible to delete your personal data from our systems.


* When there is automated decision making, including profiling indicating it specifically in the Declaration and turn essential information on the logic used and the importance of the envisaged consequences of such processing for the data subject. 

Refer to our staff if you have questions.

Our employees:

- will assist you in exercising your rights;

- will inform you additionally for each of your right.

We always strive to satisfy your requests when those requests are admissible and well founded and to give you an answer within the statutory deadline.

In rare cases, we may need to extend this period, which will not be more than the tolerable and maximum time allowed by law.

13. Right to appeal

In case you thing that we are violating your rights, you may contact us to look into it.

You also have the right to file a complaint to the Commission for Protection of Personal Data.

14. Update / upgrade

This declaration shall be revised and updated by us on a regular basis so we can be clear as possible, accurate, transparent and encompass all new changes (if necessary).


Date of last update - 22.06.2018