Two awareness raising seminars were held in Haskovo about reducing the carbon footprint.

In the period from 21 to 24 June 2023, 2 two-day workshops were held on the topic: "Carbon neutrality and ecological footprint throughout the life cycle of products/services - reducing environmental impacts" (work package D4.2.1, WP 4) in a conference hall in the building of the Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the address: Haskovo, 4 Tsar Osvoboditel Str., floor 3. The seminars were organized by the Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the project: "Enhancement of business branding through the development of a carbon footpitnt evaluation system in the cross border area", CB CARBONFREE, No. 6300. The projects implementation period is from 04/13/2021 to 07/12/2023 under Grant Agreement No. B6.3a.30/13.04.2021. The first seminar was held in the period from June 21 to 22, 2023, with the participation of 20 representatives of the food and beverage sector. The second seminar was held from June 23 to 24 with the participation of 20 representatives from agriculture sector in the region. The lecturers of the seminars were Asen Nenov and Todor Novakov, who introduced the participants to current issues regarding the implementation of measures to reduce the carbon footprint in the production of products. The presented information was discussed by the participants in the seminars.

More information about the CB CARBONFREE project:

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The project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and the national funds of the countries participating in the Interreg V-A Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 Cross-Border Cooperation Program.