6300 Haskovo
4 Tsar Osvoboditel str.
tel.: (038) 66 11 12
tel./fax: (038) 66 55 02

1000 Sofia
6 Trapezica str., fl 1
tel.: (02) 988 53 11,
        (02) 988 55 26
fax: (02) 986 51 46

The membership with the HCCI is voluntary.

According the constitutive document the Chamber has direct and associate members.

The members of the HCCI pay an annual membership fee depending on the membership type.

Direct members of the Chamber could be:

1. Physical persons and legal entities, acting on the economical field and are registered on the duly order.
2. Foundations and associations, registered on the duly order and enhancing the activity of the Chamber.
3. Physical personals, which collaborate with the Chamber, enhance and popularize its activity as well physical personals, registered as such in the field of the agricultural industry, handicraftsmen and personals on free practice.

The Direct members of the Chamber (according P.1. and P.2) can be accepted only after written request to the Executive Council, in which the applicant states the acceptance of the Statute of the HCCI and observes the rules of the ethic Codex of the economical activity. The membership relations arise from the decision of the Executive Council and the payment of the membership fee. Direct members can be also accepted after proposal of the Executive Council and in compliance with the physical person or the legal entity and with decision of the Executive Council.

Associate members of the Chamber can be accepted only after written request to the President of the Chamber. The membership relations arise from the resolution of the President and the payment of the membership fee. The refusal of the аaccepting is liable to appeal against the decision of the Executive Council in a term of 14 days from the notifying of the Managing Board.

Members of the HCCI can not be state bodies, political organizations, syndicates and religious organizations.

13 February 2014 Haskovo business meets with the Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski and ministers

30 October 2013 Delegation of fifteen members from Edirne Chamber of Commerce visited the office of HCCI

12 September 2013 A business delegation was held to the northern Kurdish autonomy in Iraq

29 August 2013 Working meeting between partners in Haskovo

12-13 July 2013 Work meeting in Uzunkopru between partners

28 March 2013 Regional Bulgarian-Turkish business forum in Haskovo

13 March 2013 First Work Meeting as described in Activity 2of Project: Joint Eco Forces of Small and Medium Enterprises of Cross-Border Region

06 March 2013 Information Meeting on topic „Brands and standards - a guarantee for successful business”

15 February 2013 International Conference on topic "Standardization of quality: To better market experience" took place in Haskovo


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